Spa Services



Swedish Massage

Light Pressure

Swedish Massage is a gentle massage promoting relaxation and releasing muscle tension. This technique uses long soothing strokes and gentle pressures to improve circulation, increase oxygen flow, soothe muscles aches.

  • 30 min $65 |
  • 60 min $95 |
  • 90 min $135

The Integrative Massage

Medium Pressure

Integrative Massage incorporates a combination of Swedish massage, pressure points, and light stretching of ankle, wrists, shoulders, and neck. This technique will use long strokes with more pressure than the traditional Swedish massage. Pressure points and stretches will help with mobility, circulation, and oxygen flow.

  • 30 min $70 |
  • 60 min $100 |
  • 90 min $140

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm Pressure

Deep Tissue is a deeper soft tissue massage focusing on tension release in the muscle and fascia. The technique used is slow, long, heavy pressure strokes that target inner layers of muscles and connective tissues. Deep tissue promotes faster healing, reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow.

  • 60 min $110 |
  • 90 min $150

Couple’s Massage

Reserve our private couple’s spa for the two, then enjoy and relax with your loved one in this side-by-side massage.


CBD Oil $10
Aromatherapy Oil $10
25 Minute Hot Stone Massage $25

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at the Spa