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Weight Management Programs

Under the supervision of a medical professional, those with a BMI over 25 can be enrolled in one of the rapid weight loss programs that are offered at 360 Integrative Wellness. The two programs available are the Low Calorie Diet and the Very Low Calorie Diet.

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Low Calorie Diet

The low calorie diet is designed for those with a BMI greater than 25. This meal plan consists of consuming 1,200 calories per day with the meal options that are available for purchase.

Very Low Calorie Diet

Similar to the low calorie diet, the very low calorie diet is designed for those with a BMI of 30 or greater, with a restriction of 800 calories per day. This diet plan will result in rapid weight loss averaging about 3-4 pounds per week. Throughout this weight loss program patients will be required to meet with their provider once a week for a weekly weigh-in and to address any questions or concerns.

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Weight Loss

How the Programs Work

After receiving clearance, patients will then be recommended one of two meal plans that will work best for them. These programs will not only include the diet, but also nutrition education, physical activity and group support in order to ensure that these new behaviors become long-term lifestyle changes.

4 Phases of the Program


Patients are given medical clearance to participate in either one of the diet plans, this includes a full blood panel, physical examination and review of their past or present medical conditions.


The first step to begin losing weight and seeing results is to stick to your meal plan with the products purchased from 360 Integrative Wellness. By eating only the products purchased, patients will learn how to control their weight loss without the possibility of overeating regular store bought foods.


Once patients have begun to lose a significant amount of weight, they will then begin transitioning regular foods back into their diet. This is done gradually, to ensure patients are able to stick to their new eating and exercise habits without completely losing control.


The last phase of the weight management program consists of educating patients on how to stick to their newly learned behaviors to achieve long-term results. By this stage, most patients have transitioned to meal plans that they prepare themselves, usually only consuming one or two meal products per day.

Program Costs

Initial Consultation


1 Week (28 meals)


4 Weeks (112 meals)


inBody Scan


Meal options are also available for purchase on an a la carte basis.

Monthly Membership

Annual blood work
Weekly appointment with a provider
Access to inBody scanning
10% off Spa services
10% off meals


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