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Dr. Joe Smith

Dr Joe Smith at 360 Integrative Wellness in 91006 offers chiropractic care for back and joint pain for anyone near Arcadia, CA

Meet Dr. Joe Smith

From high level athletic competition, strength training and conditioning, to recreational sports, hiking, plyometrics, flexibility and motion, to nutrition and supplementation, Dr. Joe Smith is passionate about health and wellness.

Dr. Smith attended undergrad at Occidental College where he earned a BS in Kinesiology. He played wide receiver on the football team all four years and competed on the basketball team for a season. After graduation, Dr. Smith worked as a personal trainer at a fitness studio in Los Angeles and later acquired the business. After five years of experience working with a broad array of athletes, professionals, homemakers, and geriatrics, Dr. Smith sold the studio to pursue his new love of chiropractic. In 2004, he enrolled in the doctorate program at Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles and graduated Magna Cum Laude and Valedictorian of his class in 2008. After receiving his National Board Certification, Dr. Smith launched his chiropractic practice.

Since 2008, Dr. Smith has been providing care to patients of all ages. His focus is on wellness, which embodies mental, physical, and chemical health. Dr. Smith seeks an optimal, holistic, and balanced state of health for every individual. His goal is for each patient to reach their full wellness potential. Dr. Smith’s experience as an athlete, a trainer, and now a doctor has shaped his vision for wellness care.

Dr. Smith loves recreation. He participates in flag football leagues and tournaments, has competed in multiple basketball leagues, and is currently coaching youth sports. Dr. Smith loves to trail run, hike, and is a daily “gym rat”. He enjoys drives along PCH and off-roading in the mountains.

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