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The key to a great life is a healthy mind, body and spirit, and it is available to everyone.

Dr Joe Smith is a chiropractor at 360 Integrative Health in Arcadia, working with patients to relieve back pain a join problems
Dr. Tiffany Wuu Chen
Dr. Anil Date is a doctor working with patients in Arcadia using IV Therapy, hormone therapy, and weight loss for overall patient health
Dr. Anil Date
Eric Chung is a certified physician's assistant working with patients in Arcadia and near Arcadia, CA
Eric Chung PA-C
360 Integrative Wellness in Arcadia is a med spa near you for massages, facials, and skinceuticals

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well

Why is a Health & Wellness Spa important? We believe in being proactive and not reactive about your health. Our medical team will help you reach your health goals and most importantly continue to implement these new healthy behaviors in your daily life.

Our motto of Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well is the most precise definition of what we envision at 360 Integrative Wellness.

Eat Well

Eating healthy foods, has left many with a bad taste in their mouths -pun intended. The importance of nutrition is one our important missions. We want to break the stigma of healthy food being the bad guy. Healthy tastes amazing and can help fight off many illnesses. If you are open to making the time, being consistent about making the effort, then making a change will be easy. We also see the importance of educating the difference between diet and nutrition.

Easier said than done? We have a plan for that too! We have a weight management program that can be tailored to your needs. We take the stress out of planning. Whatever the need is, we are here to support and help you.

Have questions? Call us at (626) 821-0687 and set up an appointment for our Weight Management Program.

delicious smoothies with berries as part of a weight loss or weight management program at 360 Integrative Wellness med spa in Arcadia, CA
360 Integrative Wellness in Arcadia is a med spa near you for massages, facials, and skinceuticals

Move Well

Incorporating exercise with a healthy diet has been a prescription that, we feel, is not given enough. Exercise can be a 30-minute walk, active play with kids, running trails, cardio at the gym, or lifting weights. There are a variety of ways to incorporate moving into our daily routine.

A chiropractor can be an integral part of moving wellness. Making sure you are in correct alignment, having correct posture, and moving well from head to toe and limb to limb.

How about a massage? Making sure our muscles are keeping things in place is also one of the many treatments we offer.

Need Chiropractic care? Massage? Call us at (626) 821-0687 to set up an appointment and let us help you Move Well.

Think Well

Mind over matter can sound intimidating and sometimes a bit harsh. The reality is, the more we focus on the negative the harder it can be to see the positive. Establishing a healthy relationship with exercise, diet, nutrition, and mental health is an important factor in balance. Healthy relationships do not just apply to people.

At times, our bodies need a little more support. Hormones can play factor with our mental wellness. Are you feeling a bit “off”? You might benefit from having your hormones levels checked. We can assist you with our Hormone Optimization Therapy. This treatment is a bioidentical treatment based on your personal hormone’s levels.

Have questions? Call us at (626) 821-0687 and set up an appointment.

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